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  • Upper body exerciser
  • Upper body exerciser
  • Upper body exerciser
  • Upper body exerciser

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Price : USD175.00(Fixed)
Date : October 14, 2018
Condition : New
Zip-code : 45050
Location : Monroe, Ohio

CanDo Magneciser Rotation / Supination is a shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand strengthener that is ideal for customers seeking to improve blood circulation, muscle strength, physical coordination and flexibility. Ultra-quiet, this bi-lateral resistance machine is equipped with adjustable height, allowing patients to use it from a standing, sitting or wheelchair access position. Three separate attachments allow this machine to be used as a shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand strengthener for complete personalization.

CanDo Magneciser Rotation / Supination is equipped with a clear, easy-to-read, five-function display screen that showcases speed, elapsed time, calories burned, distance and a complete scan of all functions. Users who are looking to improve blood circulation and muscle strength can keep track of their progress via this five function display screen. A graspable resistance knob allows users to personalize resistance depending on level of preference.

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CanDo Magneciser Rotation / Supination

Significantly improves muscle strength, blood circulation, physical coordination and upper body flexibility with regular use.

Adjustable height allows machine to be accessed from a standing, sitting or wheelchair position for complete personalization of the unit.

Equipped with a five function display screen that demonstrates speed, distance, calories burned, lapsed time, and an overview scan of all functions, allowing users to keep complete track of their personal progress.


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